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The Disneyfication of Tibet  By Pearl Sydenstricker. How tourism has become a tool of occupation.High on a mountain in eastern Tibet is a platform where corpses are fed to vultures. It’s a dizzying slope carpeted in grass, with a web of sun-bleached prayer flags fluttering overhead.Traditional Tibetan “sky burials” ritualize nature’s reclamation of human life, rather than denying it.MORE

Expansion of Tibet Corps to subsidiary institutions of CTA: Tibet Corps with its step towards expansion under the guidance of present cabinet is circulating the survey form for subsidiary institutions under CTA to give the list of opportunities where volunteers are needed. Detail information has been circulated to all offices and the survey form can be downloaded from our website here . More

Pema Yangdon: Dhang-shab-pa Pema Yangdon is currently serving for Sherig office as a teacher at Lower T.C.V. School and she will be serving for six months. Pema is trying to contribute to Tibetan Community through Tibet Corps, which according to her is a good platform to get involved with the Tibetan Administration or community at large. She is willing to make learning an enjoyable thing for students. More